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Borrow the moonlight

Kathleen Erin
6 February
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I love riding horses, broadways, singing and dancing, playing guitar, being unique and hanging out with friends. And icon making.

Brush credit: teh_indy , jeweledicecream , _joni , dearest
Gradients/textures: colorfilter

I *do* trade files (mostly Wicked), so, contact me if you are intrested in my list!


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I moderate wickedicontest

a goofy movie, academic team, aladdin, all grown up, american eagle, american psycho, animorphs, bambi, band aids, bath and body works, batman begins, being catholic, berg, bewitched, boondock saints, boq, brendan leonard, brendan leonard show, christian bale, clinton kelly, dancing through life, danny jones, david jacobs, david moscow, defying gravity, disney, dougie poynter, drake and josh, drake bell, dreaming, dreams, elf, elphaba, elphie, equestrian, equilibrium, ferris bueller's day off, fiyero, food, friends, galinda, glinda, good smells, green makeup, guitar, half-blood prince, hand santizer, harry judd, harry potter, hermione granger, horseback riding, hygenics, icon making, idina menzel, ireland, irish boys, jack kelly, jake berenson, jake epstien, james lancaster, james potter, jennifer laura thompson, jesse mccartney, jlt, jm barrie, joey mac, joey mcintyre, k-cheno, kevin carlson, kevin sheehan, killing off germs, kosch, kristin chenoweth, laughing, laurie, liam aiken, little mermaid, little women, love, magic, marshall wheeler, math team, matthew broderick, max thieriot, mcfly, menzelphie, michael bergen, michael carney, monk, music, napoleon dynamite, neverland, newsies, noah calhoun, noah wyle, oz, pat mohr, patrick bateman, pete dunville, peter pan, powerline, prince charming, quesadillas, quizbowl, rachel hurd wood, rafi, reading, red hair, richard ruccolo, rocking out, ron weasley, ryan *freaking* gosling, ryan gosling, ryan key, ryan reynolds, ryan turner, scott weinger, series of unfortunate events, shawn ashmore, sirius black, sleepy hollow, soundtracks, spanish, stacey london, staplers, swing kids, text messaging, the beach boys, the clash, the dead are judged, the kinks, the princess bride, the producers, the red hot valentines, the starting line, the who, the zack files, theodore laurence, tony shaloub, verdigris, wendy darling, westley, what not to wear, wicked, wicked obc, wizard of oz, writing, yellowcard, yero my hero, young hercules