Kathleen Erin (rednewsie) wrote,
Kathleen Erin

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1) How tall is mich3001? 5'2
2) Is norwgianland in a relationship? no
3) If twinkie18 were hanging off a cliff, what would minimel8817 do? save her
4) Is dramaticsuzy an emo? no
5) What is dramaticsuzy's favorite movie? The Notebook
6) Did norwgianland break up with you? No
7) What is bwaybabi08's favorite game? DDR
8) What is hollywoodnewsie's favorite color? pink
9) How long would pbateman dating velvetcurtain23 last? after he kills her
10) If flyingfreeicons and twinkie18 were spliced together, what would be its name? flyingtwinkie
11) How would muffn_enchntrss kill twinkie18? shoving pastries down her throat
12) What animal should angelsflame be combined with? pony
13) What would you do if flyingfreeicons died? die
14) What is amazingspork's shoe size? 8
15) Are norwgianland and muffn_enchntrss going steady? no
16) Which president would flyingfreeicons be likely to idolize? Regan or Bush
17) Has twinkie18 dyed their hair? maybe
18) What would you do if you found out pbateman has a crush on you? freak out in two different ways
19) Is angelsflame 1337? no
20) What animal does screaminguitars remind you of? a human
21) What is mich3001's biggest flaw? she's wonderful
22) What would muffn_enchntrss think of kelly555? shes a girl
23) Would you ever date pbateman? heckyes
24) What exotic animal would muffn_enchntrss like as a pet? tiger
25) Is velvetcurtain23 introverted or extroverted? extroverted
26) How would prettyinppink conquer the world? kristin chenoweth songs
27) When did you last call angelsflame? never
28) Is screaminguitars friends with flyingfreeicons? no
29) What languages does kelly555 speak? english
30) Does amazingspork know screaminguitars? no
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What does 1337 mean anyway?
I took it to be if you were that old... I really dont know lol
Hahahaha yes!
hah thought you'd like that
lol I did.

PS... what's going on with your icontest community? Are you guys discontinuing it?
yeah the co mod and I are so busy this year- junior year, year of the tests... (pre calc is hell, never take it if you haven't already). So, we might make a few members co-mods and let them run it. I think you're on the list. We just have to get around to it.
I'm in juinor year too this year (and I'm taking Pre-Calc honors.. first period, bleh). That sounds good, I hope it's a good year for you. :o)
Hah, gosh Elphie it's midnight blue. I thought you knew that (shakes head) Some friend you are...LoL jk :p
I'm such an awful friend!

*stabs self in thigh with plastic spork*
Hahaha. I love the plastic sporks! Those things are so cool! ^_^

I MISS YOU!!! (sobs because I miss you) I hate school (sniff and kicks stupid school)

Dude, check out my pimpin' KB icon. It's new and I <3 it *^_^*
i am most definetly in a relationship
My Elphie!

I lurved that. I'm yoinking it for my blog. How can being wonderful be a flaw? Well, when you're as wonderful as I....

I'm actually taller than 5"2. I'm like 5"5. But we'll just pretend I'm short for cuteness purposes.

Hey, are we gonna get started on our "topsecretnewsieplan" soon? Still waiting to hear back from Allie...

Love you!!!!!

Your Galinda