Kathleen Erin (rednewsie) wrote,
Kathleen Erin

Jail bait

Subject: Christian Bale

themes used: my strength fails me, hold on to your dreams, lost in dirt and dust, the obvious is hard to see, tears, smile, flowers

additional notes: comment and credit, textures and gradient credit is in userinfo, picture credit to www.awesomebale.org and www.christianbale.net.

completed: 33/100


My strength fails me, Hold on to your dreams, Lost in dirt and dust

1.   2.     3.

The obvious is hard to see, tears, smile

4.     5.    6. 




comment, credit and enjoy!


Tags: christian bale
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Great ones.
Hey..Do you have any Little women icons with Laurie and Jo?
I am in need of one and I promise to credit!
sorry. not at the moment. after i finish this 100 icon challenge, i'd be happy to make one for you though
Thank you!
These are adorable!! :D
Great! ;)
Gorgeous! I took number 6 and will credit when I use it.